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Keto Diet and How to Choose The Best One

Keto diet offers a good number of options suited to different goals, sensitivities, and lifestyles. You can choose the one that is good for you.

The keto diet has recently become a new and popular diet for weight reduction, increase in energy, performance, focus, and sleep.

You're adding fat to your diet to make up about 75% of your daily calories and reducing carbs down to under 24grams of net carbs.

Fortunately, many options can help you transform the keto diet to your taste.

By selecting the kind of keto diet that's good for you, you can make some changes to get less restrictive results while still taking advantage of Keto's importance.

There are 4 types of Keto. Your choice depends on your goals and the kinds of food you want to consume to reduce your weight.

If you are new to Keto or looking for tips on using Keto for your weight reduction, this article is right for you.

So, let's begin! 

There are 4 main variations of the ketogenic diet, all backed by study or research for arriving at a good result like an increase in energy, weight loss, muscle building, and excellent workout performance.


1.    Standard

2.    High-protein

3.    Cyclical

4.    Targeted

There are few other keto diet Variations such as:

  • Clean Keto
  • Lazy/dirty Keto
  • Very low carb keto
  • MCT oil keto
  • Well-formulated Keto
  • Calorie-restricted Keto
  • Eco keto
  • Vegan Keto

 Let's discuss more on each of these types of Keto and how it can impact our lifestyle. 

1. Standard


The best and simple way to fat reduction is by going for the keto diet's standard types. There's nothing bad with deciding to go simple and classic.

It's good to keep it easy and less cumbersome with the standard type that the normal average keto consumer follows, mostly when a study has backed up its good results regarding weight loss and blood sugar stabilization.

The standard version allows you to keep fat consumption as high as 80 percent of calories derived from fat and food low in carbs at about 24 grams.

Below are the foods keto standard type offers you? They are keto basics to help you get started. You derive your fat from these sources:

  • Grass-fed butter
  • Meat
  • Avocado
  • Fatty fish
  • Nuts
  • And seeds

You must avoid taking sugar, high – carb foods, legumes, beans, junks, and whole grains.


The main advantage of Standard Keto is weight loss, good sleep, more energy, and general body well-being.


2. High Protein

High Protein

If you are thinking about reducing fat on the keto diet and undertaking muscle building, you will need this type if you are lifting 4-6/week.

The high-protein keto-type involves taking more protein. This works well after a body training session to assist in repairing your damaged muscle and increase strength. 

Instead of having protein for twenty percent or more of calories, it will be higher at thirty percent of calories, with the other sixty-five percent for carbs and fat.

According to the study, this little increase can work for your body training and muscles.

A better way to achieve this is by adding two to three oz. of a piece of food rich in protein like chicken, fish, or steak to your food. 

So, instead of eating a three oz piece of chicken, you might have five oz. at the meal.

In terms of what you get to eat, you'd eat the same foods as you would on standard Keto-type, just larger servings of protein, with protein that's spread throughout the day in meals and snacks and to help produce more muscle.

The Benefit of making use of the High-Protein Keto is that it enables you to shed weight and increase body energy for a more excellent performance.


You must check your protein quantity intake because too much of everything is bad.


3.  Cyclical

Cyclical Keto

Cyclical Keto is another version of Keto available for achieving similar weight loss results using the carb method instead of protein.


This method involves consuming more carbs on training periods or using your net-carbs allowance during the workout so that you might finish them after and before to power your activity.


To achieve this:

Add more carbs of about 10 grams before work out and after the workout session to give more energy and enhance muscle repair. This will help you achieve twenty grams of carbs every day.

Using this method means you must add crackers or a protein bar with some nut butter during post-workout or pre-workout. Add more snacks containing carbs to your diet each day. 

Form a habit of consuming a protein bar before or after a workout. The bar might contain 100 or so healthy calories, with about 11-15 grams of protein for building muscle.

The disadvantages f this version is that you are consuming more carbs, so you must learn to split these carbs to avoid weight gain.


4. Targeted

Targeted Keto

Targeted Keto, also known as Well-Formulated Keto, is similar to a cyclical type of Keto.

When you are breaking a sweat, you might want to target some carbs.


Targeting carb consumption at a specific period to best utilize them for fuel and not store them as fat or increase in blood sugar level.

What makes targeted Keto different from the cyclical Keto is that it is targeted around the workout, making the whole process less cumbersome.

Targeted keto-type uses your carb stored when the energy source is most needed; you need carbs to supply power if you like to take some junks or be involved in high-intensity training.

Food types for this keto version are similar to the standard keto types.

But the carbs must be taken according to workouts. It's essential you also add to your carb budget.

It's advisable to eat your carbs for at least thirty minutes or more before your daily workout to gain your energy.

The main side effect of using this method is that you will be consuming more carbs quickly.

In conclusion

We have discussed Keto's types and how you can choose the right one, choose the one that is convenient for you, now go-ahead to prepare a keto diet using the free ketobook. And enjoy the moment!

Friday, 2 October 2020

Do You Know Why Most Women Are Still Single At 35? Check It Out !

single ladies

Research shows that one in every three women in America is not married at 35. 

 In the year 2000, one quarter was unmarried, increasing to one-tenth in 1990. 

The rate at which women get married began to decline from early 1980, but its popularity has fallen drastically in the last few years.

 Women at age 35 and above are still singles due to so many reasons.

 The reasons are stated below:

1.   They want more education 

Women nowadays like to get a university degree at all costs. 

They prefer to spend an extra four or five years to acquire more certificates than settling for marriage.  

Many of them believe that marriage and childbearing will hinder their chances of achieving their educational dreams.

2.  Setting High Standard

     One of the reasons is that they (women) set high standards for themselves when they graduate from school, and it’s all about making money and careers.

But they sometimes forget to seduce a guy capable of proposing to them between the ages of 25 and 30.

Marriage is not a thing that should be by force on a lady, but it’s essential.

Some women are now so desperate for a man to get married at 35 and above? But what happened to their 25 years of being single?

This, they refuse to be engaged, or men are not coming around? This is a particular question to be answered personally.

3.     Career Pursuit

An urban lady takes her career as a priority second to her family. She will like to make a good living and do what she has a great passion for without considering or thinking about settling down for her own family.

Findings show that, after college, women want jobs and other things of marriage and babies.

Some do make their ultimate dreams come true, while others struggle to get one goal achieved.

           4. Lack of Financial support

 Cost of maintaining a family also contribute to this problem, as parent strife to afford mortgage and childcare.

 The financial analyst believes that the tax credit introduction in 1999 favors single mothers; this act encouraged many women to avoid marriage.

 Irrespective of the situation, time waits for no one, and when they discover they had no time, then the rush to get any guy begins.

When you are overweight

Being overweight is another reason. If you are battling excessive weight, then you need to get a means to get it reduced.

Excessive weight makes you look older, and this may make you appear as a married woman in the sight of many men who will like to have your hand in marriage. 

Get rid of excess fats in your body by eating the right foods and engaging in non-stranous exercise

 Do You Know?

 Many ladies start to rethink their future when they get to 25 – 30 years of age.

 At this time, what do you think is their major priority will be? Is it a career or marriage?

 The answer is marriage.

 When the men refuse to come as frequently as they used to, it then boils down to how would they make themselves available for guys around them?

 But they are so busy and occupied in their careers and pride that they always say that “Man or no man, a woman has to make a life worthy of anybody.”

 Sounds somehow naughty, but there is some sense of truth in it!

 When this happens, many women turn to give up on their struggle to get married when money and pride take the lead.

 After a lot of breakups and too much pride and class qualification, a lady finds relationships and marriage as something that is not compulsory.

 “which part in the Bible or Quran says ‘Women must or must not get married?”

 Many women now go for just flings (casual sex with guys with no commitments), and it works like magic until these same free guys ask them out or finally propose to them for marriage.

 Others prefer to go for the already taken men just because they think it’s not stressful to get their attention.

 But when they think of the problem they will encounter with the wives of these married men, they back out because of the fear of being attacked by these women.

In Conclusion

Men do not desire just an educated, rich, or physically attractive woman as a wife, but a committed, loving, and submissive woman.  

The truth is that, at age 35, you can easily start a decent and true relationship with any man of your choice.



Wednesday, 16 September 2020

How To Choose And Buy CBD Oil For Older People

CBD Oil For Older People

Have you ever heard that CBD is also good for older people?

CBD is a non-psychoactive and non-addictive natural therapy that older people can use to reduce some ailments like pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc. 

The study has shown that CBD is very safe and beneficial, even when consumed in very high doses (up to 1,500 mg/day—significantly higher than any of the dosage stated above). 

To crown it up, it enhances relief with little to no side effects.

When the user first begins a CBD regimen, the consumer may experience tiredness or a feeling of relaxation. 

Some users may experience the following side effects of taking CBD:

· Nausea
· Diarrhea
· Dry mouth
· Loss or increase in body weight 
· Low blood pressure
· Loss of appetite

When talking about CBD, there four groups of people who should be use caution during CBD consumption.

These include :

· Pregnant women
· Children
· Breastfeeding mothers
· People who are taking other medications. 

Since the old ones are most likely to be in this fourth group, it's necessary to consult your physician before you start taking CBD.

 Your medication and CBD may not interact positively with each other.
Moreover, CBD can greatly affect the liver's performance to break down your medications, causing adverse side effects depending on the drug prescription you are consuming. 

If you notice you have low blood pressure, it will be best to stay away from CBD.

How to Safely Purchase CBD Oil for Older People

Today, CBD is now a legal business throughout the United States of America. 

However, everyone must understand that the CBD industry is new and not yet regulated by the appropriate authority (FDA). So you must ensure you do your research properly to ensure that you buy a good CDB that is safe and works perfectly.

When you are thinking of purchasing CBD for older people, below are the five important things you must look for:

1. The product must contain pure CBD, free of toxic ingredients, or synthetics. 

CBD products that contain synthetic ingredients are not suitable for aged people. They usually contain harmful and toxic ingredients that affect the body adversely.

2. Identify the source of the product and 

You must know the source of the product you intend to buy. Ensure you go for a USA-grown and organic industrial hemp. 

Industrial hemp usually contains about 0.3% of THC or less, so the product will be legal no matter your location, and won't make you feel high. 
Ideally, this kind of product is produced using the process of CO2 extraction, which is very effective and safe at extracting a consistent quantity of CBD.

3. The manufacturer of this product must be ready to test its product and share the result with consumers

A third-party laboratory can accurately check and assess the THC, CBD, and other active cannabinoids concentration in the product. 

A reputable producer will display these results either on their product packaging or website.

4. The label must express the rate of concentration of hemp extract or CBD in mg (milligram). 

You must consider this if you like to buy your product on Amazon or other online stores. Sellers can alter the product description and make it appealing. So ensure you must be cautioned. 

If you notice that the label does not clearly show the CBD concentration, it's probably hemp seed oil.

The seed oil is for digestive health and skin treatment but doesn't give CBD the same therapeutic benefits.

5. Check if there are any positive reviews for the product on two or more websites. 

You can easily spot a good product through online reviews. 

Every manufacturer will always be proud to show proof of their quality products through feedback and reviews from their happy customers.

Check for the website where these reviews are and see if they are truly genuine.

You must pay close attention to comments and reviews from users who used CBD products for older people or aged themselves.

Please Note:  
All CBD products that are Hemp-derived (with less than 0.3 percent THC) are legal on the federal level but are still not legal under some state laws. Marijuana-derived CBD products are not legal on the federal level but are permitted under some state laws. 

You must check your state's laws and those of other places you travel to. Keep in mind that non-prescription CBD products are unapproved by the FDA and may not be accurately labeled.

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Reasons Why Good Mental Health Is So Important

Reasons Why Good Mental Health Is So Important

We all have bad moments at a point in our daily lives, but what matters most is how we solve these problems and move on with our normal lives.

Mental health is so important. Good mental health helps to recover from any negative things that happen.

Mental health is essential at every stage of our daily lives. It encompasses the overall well-being and improves our lives in many ways.

Why Is Mental Health So Important?

Research shows that one in every five American adults – 43.8 million Americans – experience mental problems, which is about 18.5% of the total population.

Mental health is an issue that gets stigmatized so often in our community. If someone is suffering from a mental health problem, they are less likely to get assistance because of that shame and stigma.

But you don't need to be ashamed when you have mental problems. This is not your fault, but just natural.

People who have a mental illness also do not get support from their loved ones, which sometimes alleviates the ailments' level.

There are two major reasons why mental health is so essential.

Mental Health Affects Your Physical Health

If someone had diabetes, we would not stigmatize them, but we all do this when it comes to mental illness.

We must understand that mental illness is also important, just like any other disease, and it can result to the death of the victim, just like any other disease.

Depression resulting from mental health as led many to be frustrated and sometimes leads victims to an act of suicidal ideations. We are not complete persons if we neglect mental health and only focus on physical health.

The body and the mind are connected. Much mental illness causes stress, which affects the body's immune system negatively. This means the victim will be exposed to many sicknesses.

Anxiety and stress can affect your physical health. According to WebMD, "Anxiety and worry cause the human body to release stress hormones that increase heart breathing rate, increase blood sugar, and transmit more blood to your legs and arms. 

Over time, this can affect your blood vessels, muscles, heart, muscles, and other vital body systems."

When stress gets into our body, we start to shut down. How we adapt and manage is very crucial. Untreated mental health problems can result in further health complications.

Many people living with mental illness turn to alcohol and drugs as coping mechanisms, affecting their health and body stability. When they don't treat themselves properly, it leads to a cycle of destructive behavior. This affects their physical well-being.

Destructive patterns also occur when stress affects the physical well-being and ability to take care of themselves.

When we reach this stage, we sometimes only then discover that mental health is essential. We must not forget to take good care of our mental health, or other areas of our lives may be affected. We must also learn how to improve our mental health and that of others.

Stop Shame and Stigma to Live a Better Lives

It's important to let people know about mental health, so others can also be aware of it.

Psych Central talks about how we feel uncomfortable or ashamed of real ourselves because we think we are not normal. This affects our ability to adapt to situations when we think of ourselves so lowly.

One of the processes for healing is to see our self as not been perfect or complete. When we understand this, then we can help others to feel the same.
Stigma leads to shame, shame leads to destructive behaviors, and destructive behaviors lead to a self-deterioration.

Stigma always spread when we refuse to talk about mental health and why it's essential to everyone.

We must also understand that those who are victims of mental illness must be treated medically. But lack of awareness and halting the stigma associated with their condition won't feel comfortable reaching out to people for assistance. This causes stigma and encourages more shame and struggle.

When we keep silent, we are alleviating the problem.

When we speak to people around us, the problem tends to get minima. We can be free to each other when we discuss our mental health with one another.

When we become real, we gain more strength mentally. When we deny the importance and existence of mental health, we have also rejected ourselves. The ability to solve other people's problems will not be possible.

When you help yourselves, you have also helped others. We can pay adequate attention to the world and make it a better place for all.

On a final note

Everyone deserves to have a stress free mind. Mental health is essential because we deserve that.

If we only knew how worthwhile we were, we could take over the world. Our limiting thoughts hold us back, as we think that we are not normal or broken or not worthwhile.

One major truth about our minds is that it deceives us. It can make us feel bad and yet it also causes us to experience a good experience.

Mental health is so crucial as physical health. We must stop the stigma and shame that affects us. This will help everyone to help those victims of mental ailments.

You can seek for medical help if you are having any kind of mental disorder. Take part in FREE mental online therapy, it will transform your mental health very quickly! 

Thursday, 27 August 2020

9 Excellent Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

Mental Health
Mental Health

One of the essential aspects of staying healthy and keeping feet is to have good mental health. There are many ways to achieve good mental health.

In this article, I will tell you 9 simple tips to have good mental health.

1. Take Enough Sleep

Sleep is highly imperative for mental and physical health. Adequate sleep helps to regulate the chemical substance in the brain that transmit information. 

These chemicals are required to help control our emotions. You will feel anxious or depressed if you don't take enough sleep.

2. Eat Balance Diet

A balanced diet is good for both your body and the mind. Eating a balanced diet isn't just essential for your body, but it's also good for our minds. Some mineral deficiencies, such as vitamin B12 and iron deficiencies, can make you develop a bad mood. 

Endeavor to eat a good diet. If you find out that you're anxious or stressed up, you should try to stop or limit your caffeine consumption, as this can make you feel more anxious.

Eat foods that will help reduce your body fat

Avoid Drugs, Smoking, And Alcohol

Smoking and drinking aren't things that we always associate with withdrawal symptoms, but they can negatively affect your mental health. 

When you've had a few drinks, you can feel more depressed and anxious the next day, and it can be harder to concentrate.

When you drink too much, you suffer from an ailment caused by a deficiency of thiamine. Thiamine is necessary to allow the brain to work correctly, and its deficiency can result in severe memory problems, eye problems, and motor problems. 

Whenever you smoke, your body and mind go into withdrawal, which makes you irritable and anxious.

Drugs will leave you in a state of withdrawal and can often cause anxiety and low moods. More severe effects of drugs include paranoia and delusions. Some research suggests drug use is related to developing mental disorders like schizophrenia.

3. Get Enough Sunlight

Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. It's an essential natural vitamin for the human body and the brains. It enhances your brains to release chemicals that improve your mood, like serotonin and endorphins. 

Ensure you always go out in the sun when you can, but make sure you keep your eyes and skin safe. Thirty minutes to two hours a day of sunlight is perfect. 

Some people become depressed during the winter due to lack of adequate sunlight; this is referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Many find using a special light therapy lamp to reduce the symptoms. 

4. Manage Your Stress

You can avoid stress, but knowing what triggers your stress and knowing how to cope is vital in maintaining good mental health. Try to manage your worries by making a list or a schedule to resolve each issue. 

Often if you break down your fears and stress and write them down, you realize they are manageable. 

Try not to bury your head in the sand, and tackle problems face on. If you find you are not sleeping or are waking up, think about all of the things that are stressing you out, write them down and reassure yourself that you can deal with them in the morning.

5. Physical Exercise And Activities

Activity and physical exercise are essential in maintaining perfect mental and physical health. Being active not only provide you with a sense of achievement, but it enhance the chemicals in your brain that help to achieve good mood. 

Physical Exercise can help reduce bad mood, stress, anxiety, and feeling tired and lazy. It is also linked to good longer life.

You don't need to run a marathon or play 60 minutes of football; a short walk or some less rigorous activity might do the trick.

6. Do Things You Enjoy The Most

Ensure you make time to do the best things you like to do. If you like to paint, walk, or watch a certain soap opera, set a time to do what you enjoy. You will not be happy when you don't do things you enjoy.

7. Meet with Your Friends And Loved Ones

Make an effort to develop good relationships and talk to people whenever you get the chance. Having friends is necessary not just for your self-esteem, but also for providing great support when you're not feeling too great. Research has found that communicating with others for only 10 minutes can improve memory and test scores!

8. Help Others

When you help others means you are helping yourself. Helping others create inner joy that surpasses material things that money can give. Helping someone can boost your self-esteem and make you happy about your present condition. 

Feeling as though you're part of a group is an essential aspect of your mental health. You could involve in volunteering for a local charity, or just being neighborly.

9. Seek For Help

One of the best ways to keep yourself in a good mental condition is to know when you're not feeling fine and know where and when to seek help. There's no shame in asking someone for help if you're depressed or in a bad mood. 

Everyone goes through conditions that makes them develop anxiety or bad mood. You can take a step by speaking to your family or friends or visit a mental health expert. 

You can seek for medical help if you are having any kind of mental disorder. Take part in FREE mental online therapy, it will transform your mental health very quickly!