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Do You Know Why Most Women Are Still Single At 35? Check It Out !

single ladies

Research shows that one in every three women in America is not married at 35. 

 In the year 2000, one quarter was unmarried, increasing to one-tenth in 1990. 

The rate at which women get married began to decline from early 1980, but its popularity has fallen drastically in the last few years.

 Women at age 35 and above are still singles due to so many reasons.

 The reasons are stated below:

1.   They want more education 

Women nowadays like to get a university degree at all costs. 

They prefer to spend an extra four or five years to acquire more certificates than settling for marriage.  

Many of them believe that marriage and childbearing will hinder their chances of achieving their educational dreams.

2.  Setting High Standard

     One of the reasons is that they (women) set high standards for themselves when they graduate from school, and it’s all about making money and careers.

But they sometimes forget to seduce a guy capable of proposing to them between the ages of 25 and 30.

Marriage is not a thing that should be by force on a lady, but it’s essential.

Some women are now so desperate for a man to get married at 35 and above? But what happened to their 25 years of being single?

This, they refuse to be engaged, or men are not coming around? This is a particular question to be answered personally.

3.     Career Pursuit

An urban lady takes her career as a priority second to her family. She will like to make a good living and do what she has a great passion for without considering or thinking about settling down for her own family.

Findings show that, after college, women want jobs and other things of marriage and babies.

Some do make their ultimate dreams come true, while others struggle to get one goal achieved.

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           4. Lack of Financial support

 Cost of maintaining a family also contribute to this problem, as parent strife to afford mortgage and childcare.

 The financial analyst believes that the tax credit introduction in 1999 favors single mothers; this act encouraged many women to avoid marriage.

 Irrespective of the situation, time waits for no one, and when they discover they had no time, then the rush to get any guy begins.

When you are overweight

Being overweight is another reason. If you are battling excessive weight, then you need to get a means to get it reduced.

Excessive weight makes you look older, and this may make you appear as a married woman in the sight of many men who will like to have your hand in marriage. 

Get rid of excess fats in your body by eating the right foods and engaging in non-stranous exercise

 Do You Know?

 Many ladies start to rethink their future when they get to 25 – 30 years of age.

 At this time, what do you think is their major priority will be? Is it a career or marriage?

 The answer is marriage.

 When the men refuse to come as frequently as they used to, it then boils down to how would they make themselves available for guys around them?

 But they are so busy and occupied in their careers and pride that they always say that “Man or no man, a woman has to make a life worthy of anybody.”

 Sounds somehow naughty, but there is some sense of truth in it!

 When this happens, many women turn to give up on their struggle to get married when money and pride take the lead.

 After a lot of breakups and too much pride and class qualification, a lady finds relationships and marriage as something that is not compulsory.

 “which part in the Bible or Quran says ‘Women must or must not get married?”

 Many women now go for just flings (casual sex with guys with no commitments), and it works like magic until these same free guys ask them out or finally propose to them for marriage.

 Others prefer to go for the already taken men just because they think it’s not stressful to get their attention.

 But when they think of the problem they will encounter with the wives of these married men, they back out because of the fear of being attacked by these women.

In Conclusion

Men do not desire just an educated, rich, or physically attractive woman as a wife, but a committed, loving, and submissive woman.  

The truth is that, at age 35, you can still start a decent and true relationship with any man of your choice right now.



Friday, 4 October 2019

Why Some Couples Can't Climax During Sex

Why Some Couples Can't Climax During Sex

During sexual intercourse, to achieve orgasm can feel like an uphill battle sometimes, but using the appropriate diagnosis and proper treatment, you can start to climax more often.

Whether the issue is physical or psychological, below are some the reasons and methods to get to the root of the problem so you can begin to orgasm more properly.

It is true that sex is fun, feels nice, and is a great way to be emotionally or physically and be more intimate to your partner. But with the absence of orgasm, it can be an experience that will not be satisfying for both partners at all.

Some women may have problem in achieving an orgasm and may never have really experienced one, likewise men can have this same problem also, and this shows there is a physical or emotional issues going on in the relationship.

The right diagnosis and treatment can help you know how orgasm and have a more satisfying sexual relationship. Learn more.

Reasons Why You May Not Be Able to Climax


Fear can keep both sexes from achieving orgasm, being afraid of letting go, afraid of going crazy or just fear in general can all prevent your sexual enjoyment,.

Not Getting The Right Stimulation

You may not achieve orgasm if you are already used to achieving an orgasm with your hand or any part of your body, masturbation or through the touch of someone.

Some other reasons that men and women may not be able to climax include the following:

  • shyness or embarrassed about sex
  • A problem in the relationship
  • Lack of education about sex, orgasms, and what stimulation works best for you
  • An emotional or physical trauma, like abuse or rape
  • Real boredom in the bedroom
  • Health conditions that affect body nerves or hormone levels
  • The side effects of some medications, including some antidepressants

The most important and most effective thing to do to solve these issues is to consult your doctor to seek medical help. It's imperative to visit a healthcare provider who can help you get to the root of these sexual problems.

Best way to Give Your Partner a Nice Massage

Best way to Give Your Partner a Nice Massage

To have a good and happy ending massages sound hot and appealing in theory, but, just as experts told it, the situation doesn't happen the way it is being pictured.


 However, it is good to go the DIY route with your spouse for a super-hot night in you will need some tricks that work perfectly for all.


Use the tips below for either your female or male client:


You Need To Set The Mood Firstly


A good environment and atmosphere give rise to a happy ending massage. 


Do the following before you begin the real job:


1. Dim the lights,

2. Light a few candles, and

3. Splurge on some fine massage oils.

4. Put on sexy cloth for him to admire and make him feel like touching you.


Start The Groundwork.


You can begin with the feather stroke: then lightly caress his neck, shoulders, back, arms, and buttocks with your fingertips for at least 5 minutes.


Do this in a long fluid motion, side to side or circular motions.


The next thing to do is turn your partner over and build anticipation by giving their inner thighs a good rubdown. "The inner thighs, for ladies and men, are very sensitive because they're so close to the genitals area.


You can gently knead the area using either your fingertips or the heel of your hand. Consider this move as the teaser to the end of the whole process.


Move To The Nipple Stimulation


Nipple stimulation is processed in the same region of the brain as touch to the penis and clitoris.


So you should lightly stimulate the area around the nipple, (i.e., the areola) on both women and men.


This increases blood flow to both the nipples and the other genital area.


Make use of your thumb and index finger to slowly and gently massage the nipple in a rotating motion—making it to move clockwise.


Then change the direction to go in the anti-clockwise direction using your ring finger and thumb to pull it up, so you're elongating it.


You can ask for a response so that you get the right pressure.


For men massaging, focus more on using massage oil to the genital organ.


That's the major trick to get him or her asking for more.


 You can only enjoy all these if you are in a good relationship. Start a good relationship with someone you genuinely love and admire

Sunday, 27 November 2016

5 Best Herbs for Boosting Women Sex Drive

women sexual drive

When talking about boosting your sex drive, the issue may seem a bit taboo to many, most especially the religious ones.

Regardless of tribe and religion a good healthy sex life is imperative for improving overall well-being, building a healthy relationship and reducing stress.

Exercise and diet gives the best solutions for improving and stimulating sexual desire; yet, a good number of herbal tools may also give some support.

When you need a some sexual boost, make use of these 9 herbs for help.

1. Muira Puama

It was discovered that women who use muira puama develops a surge in libido, sexual enjoyment, desire, and great orgasms. 

It has a positive effect on both pre- and post-menopausal sexual experience supports its overall benefits for female sexual and reproductive health. 

2. Ashwaganda Root

Ashwagandha known as the kama sutra, its regards as a potent igniter of desire and passion.

 This herbs are popular with women because it has things to do with the way it stimulates libido and increases sexual satisfaction.

It may increase blood flow to the clitoris and other female sexual organs, creating an intense sexual pleasure.

3. Maca root

Maca root has been the go-to herb for many women living in the Andes for centuries.

Because of the Maca’s high iodine content, it supports a woman’s hormone balance and its high level of zinc which is an essential mineral for sex hormones, does more than fan the flames of sexual desire.

Studies show that women who took maca root enhanced sexual experiences.

4. Suma root

Suma root is sometimes called Brazilian ginseng, this powerful herb is popular with the native population in South America for the way it helps female hormonal balance and improves libido.

Science has proof that suma root improves the levels of estradiol-17beta, the primary estrogen hormone during a woman’s reproductive period.

Women who make use of this herb report intense sexual experiences and greater satisfaction.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate was not just here as a mistake. Although not technically an herb, dark chocolate contains about 65% cocoa.

It helps increase dopamine levels in the human brain which releases brain pleasure chemical known as dopamine. It helps to relaxes, and enhance the response to body stimulation.

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Monday, 21 November 2016


There are some places you are advised not to touch in a lady’s body due to some reasons.

I am not saying they should not be touched at all but there are s ome times you don’t have to touch those areas.

So below is my list on some places a man should never touch on a woman’s body along with the worst times to do it.

Men need to understand when and how to touch those areas.

1. The stomach. 

You should ensure touching the stomach after any meal.

Women love to have a flat tummy, but it’s nearly not possible most times, most especially after consuming a cheeseburger with sweet potato French fries and had a nice beer.

 Also during a premenstrual bloat or when we eat anything with beans or food with high protein.

2. The Tip

You should avoid the tip when other things are going on with our body.

Ensure you avoid tip pinching during breast feeding or about to have their menstrual periods.

It hurts us in the bad way - says a lady.

3. Anywhere after we have been sweating and we are not really drunk.

 I’d say about 98 percent of the time; most women don’t like a man to get all physical after they have gotten all physical at the gym center. 

This is also true for men when we have been outside heating up during those sweltering summer period.

But I have discovered that if you add a lot of alcohol, this hang up of being touched when sweaty is away.

Same goes for all the others as well.

4. The womanliness when in need of a cold bath. 

If you start going downtown and she pulls you back up, this is your clear sign that she is not feeling good for any touch.

Respect it because your attempt will be futile. She probably won’t like it while worrying about her lady odor.