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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Instant Noodles

Instant Noodles

Some years ago, Nestlé's Maggi Noodles was withdrawn by East Africa's biggest supermarket chain from 5 different countries (South Sudan, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda) after news of a partial ban on the product was announced in India. 

Indian food regulators have described the product to be very dangerous and unsafe for human consumption. 

The Indian food regulators said that tests carried out on Nestlé's Maggi noodles show high lead levels in the product, describing it as "dangerous, unsafe and hazardous." 

This led to a ban on the product in most of the cities in the country of India. 

Moreover, due to public pressure, the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has grudgingly acted on the lead-poisoned Nestle "Maggi" noodles and gave a verbal recall, after which Nestle was asked to recall the product.

Although the company (Nestle) maintains that there was nothing wrong with the noodles, claiming to have tested a batch of 1,000 Maggi noodles in the country and found "lead levels… 

Well, within limits specified by food regulations", more supermarkets continue to withdraw the noodles.

Because of this development, the Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) ordered Kenya's port authority to stop further importation of the product.

Due to the adverse effect of this product, consumers in the listed countries above were advised to stay away from eaten noodles.

We all know what noodles are. Yes, they are thin and strips that are very simple and easy to prepare. There are different kinds of noodles out there, but not all are safe and healthy for consumption.

 This post will discuss instant noodles, a fast dish that doesn't require much effort or time to prepare.

To prepare noodles, all you need to do is open the noodle pack and place them in boiling water, add seasoning and allow them to remain on fire for about 3 minutes before serving.

Sure, preparing instant noodles is easy and requires little time, but that doesn't make it safe or healthy for everyone to consume frequently.

Occasionally, you can eat instant noodles, that's cool. But when nutritious meals are substituted for instant noodles is very bad. People who engage in this act may be prone to developing severe health problems.

Instant noodles are processed foods that should be avoided. This is because consuming them frequently may cause anyone to get sick.

Below are about 10 reasons why you should avoid eating instant noodles; let's check them out!


Instant Noodles Lacks Essential Nutrients 

Instant noodles indeed taste good. They appear in different flavors so that consumers can make their choice. But when you consume this food constantly may result in nutrient deficiency in your body. 

The reason for this is that noodles lack any of the essential food nutrients. When you don't get the correct number of minerals and vitamins in your body, you might begin to experience some bad side effects. These include dizziness, restlessness, fatigue, and more.


Causes Rectal Cancer 

When you consume instant noodles, it requires a long time for the digestive system to complete. This means that the food stays in your stomach for a longer time. This may result in constipation.

 And then, when the food is converted into feces, they stay in the colon for a much longer time. This may lead to cancer of the rectal.


Risk of Experiencing Metabolic Syndrome

Studies show that women who take instant noodles frequently had a significant risk of experiencing metabolic syndrome.

This condition includes blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels, high blood sugar level, excess abdominal fats, diabetes, heart-related diseases, and more. 

 For this reason, women are advised to eat nutritious and not instant noodles.


Instant Noodles May Cause Digestive Problems 

Speaking about the human digestive system, noodles may cause problem on your digestive health. According to research, instant noodles some long time to digest.

When the researchers inserted a camera into the participants, they found out that after more than 2 hours, the noodles haven't broken down yet!

They were still very much distinguishable inside the digestive tract.

Because of this, the digestive tract must work harder to the point of convulsing to process the instant noodles. 

Avoid this food to help you improve your digestive system.

It Can Lead to Obesity                            

Obesity and body weight-related problems can be caused by excessive consumption of instant noodles.

Because noodles contain many fats and sodium, these two components cause the human body to retain water. This can result in being overweight, obesity and other ailments.

It Can Affect Children's Growth 

Instant noodles may not be safe for children. When a child eats this food regularly, it may affect growth and development. 

Ingredients in this processed food may reduce their body's ability to absorb essential nutrients. Because they don't contain the nutrients required, it may affect children's physical and mental development.


Instant Noodles May Speed Up Aging Process

 Fast cooking food like noodles contains fats and other preservatives. These components slow down the oxidation process. This, in turn, causes adverse effects on a human's endocrine system. This may result in a speedup of the aging process. 

So if you don't want to look older than your age, then abstain from taking these fast products.

It Contains Too Much Sodium

Sodium is one of the major constituents of these processed foods. Maybe, therefore, the noodles taste so good? The FDA recommends that a person should not take more than 2,300 mg of salt per pay. But, unfortunately, an average pack of noodles usually contains more than 50 percent of the recommended daily consumption of sodium. 

This implies that the person would have already eaten more than 50 percent of the sodium he needs in one meal.  

Overeating sodium may lead to kidney damage, heart disease, hypertension, and other kinds of conditions.


It Contains Propylene Glycol

Common ingredient in noodles is propylene glycol. This ingredient is very harmful because it possesses an anti-freeze characteristic. 

Manufacturers make use of this ingredient to retains moisture to prevent the noodles from drying out. 

However, it can weaken the human body's immune system, kidney, liver, and heart damage.


Instant Noodles May Be Unsafe For Pregnant Women 

In conclusion, instant noodles may be unsafe for pregnant women.

 This is generally true in women's early stages when the fetus is at the developing stage.  

Studies show that pregnant women who consume instant noodles frequently usually experience problems with the baby's growth and might cause a miscarriage.

Although more intensive research is needed to back up this fact, at this period, pregnant women need essential nutrients; processed food like instant noodles isn't good food for them. 

To improve your stomach health, you must take noodles; please take healthy ones

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Medical Expert Reviews Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar On Excess Fat Burning

Medical Expert Reviews Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar On Excess Fat Burning
Medical Expert Reviews Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar On Excess Fat Burning

Apple cider vinegar is one of the common vinegar used by many as a health tonic for burning excess fat and weight reduction. 

When you consume the right proportion at the right time, it can be very useful in belly fat burning.

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used for salad dressings, seasonings, and incorporated into dishes. 

It can help assist in the weight loss journey and has used for thousands of years. 

Dr. Deborah Lee has shared her tips with the on how to consume it and the best times of the day to drink the popular condiment.

Dr. Deborah Lee reviews: "In 2009, a Japanese randomized controlled trial reported positive results about vinegar's dietary consumption on belly fat reduction. 

In this study, we used apple cider vinegar.

"We divided 155 obese participants with the issue of obesity into three groups - vinegar 15 ml every day (group 1), vinegar 30 ml every day (group 2), or no vinegar (group 3).

"By the 4th week, the reduction level in BMI and Body Fat Ratio (BFR) was seen to decrease in the first group drastically. 

By the 12th week, the result was significant. Waist circumference and waist-hip ratio, and blood levels of triglycerides all started to decrease from week 8.

"Over this study period, we discovered participants who drank apple vinegar every day had noticeable weight reduction.

"We also noticed subcutaneous and visceral fat reduction, intake of these calorie content meals, and level of exercise were found to be the same in the three groups; the authors felt the loss of weight was due to consumption of vinegar apple. 

Reduction of excess visceral fat reduces risk factors for metabolic syndrome."

Belly fat, also is known as Visceral fat, can be challenging to shed because of the large number of fat cells stored around the stomach, physical exercise may not remove these fats.

The medical expert continues: "They also discovered that although the weight loss achieved was only fair, for every extra 1 kilogram of weight increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 1-1.5%.

"A daily or regular consumption of 15 ml vinegar will cause a significant fat reduction and general health improvements. The amount of weight loss is largely dependent on the quantity of vinegar consumed by the participant.

To reduce your weight get your apple cider vinegar now at a reduced price.