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How To Fall Asleep Very Quickly !

How to Fall Asleep very Quickly

Have you found yourself in a situation where you found it difficult to sleep even after a long stressful day?

If you answer a yes? Then maybe you need to think about why this is happening and solve this problem.

So if you are eager to know how to sleep faster and fall asleep quickly, read on!

Research shows that most people fall asleep 12 to 15 minutes after their heads resting on the pillow,

but if it stays longer than this period, it indicates that there are factors responsible for that.

Look at a few common factors that may cause you not to sleep very fast.



When the whole human body is stressed, it goes into a sort of "flight or fight" mode and causes more adrenalin production than normal. This causes your body to become more alert.

Your body produces serotonin, a relaxant produced due to stress.

When there is excess adrenalin in your body, it will slow down the production of serotonin which enhances good and early sleep.

Another point to note is that, at night, your brain performs the function of controlling the entire body system, energizing and preparing them for the next day. 

But if the brain is affected due to stress, it won't perform this function, which causes damage to the entire body.

The most effective way to fall asleep quicker when stressed is to spend 15 minutes preparing yourself.

This could be listening to soft music, meditation, IE, reading a novel or bible if you are a Christian, or even taking a warm bath.

Doing any of these will help reduce the adrenalin level in your body and make you sleep faster.



Consumption of Caffeine is another reason why many do not get early sleep. 

If you are a lover of caffeine, you must reduce or avoid drinking it at night before retiring to bed.

However, caffeine functions as a stimulant and remains in the human body for up to six hours.

So you should not drink caffeine before you go to bed.

Test as proof that you sleep faster when you drink warm milk at night. 

Milk contains Tryptophan, which enhances the release of Seratonin into the human body.


Food Intake

The kind of food you take plays a vital role in the way you sleep.

This is one of the crucial parts you must look into when looking to sleep faster.

If you learn to eat a little at night, your body will digest what you eat much quicker.

You must understand that food digestion takes a lot of time and energy.

So to have quick digestion and indeed sleep faster, you must eat your food four hours before you go to bed and do not overeat,

I am sure you now know why you are not getting good sleep?

There many ways to sleep faster, the perfect one is the Sleepwell method, Helps You Fall Asleep Faster.

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