4 Types of Foods That Causes Acne You Should Avoid


4 Types of Foods That Causes Acne You Should Avoid

It is a true saying that you are what you eat. The kind of food you consume shows who you are.

Most people have acne because of the food they eat. So now you are wondering what kind of food you need to eat to avoid acne.

This article will unveil foods you should cut off from your diet if you want good and unblemished skin.

To many teenagers, acne is a huge problem. Because during that period, they were very concerned about how they looked physically.

Now, you must know this; diet plays a vital role in your well-being.

Whatever food you consume has an impact on your body.

So below are the kind of foods you should avoid or lessen if you desire good skin.

They are as follows:

 1. Salt

To maintain good health, you must avoid intake of too much salt.

You must be aware that too much salt in the body is not good.

They are many foods that contain salt that you may not know about.

If you are a lover of processed or packaged foods, you must have consumed a lot of salt.

And this is not good for your skin; it can cause irritation and leads to acne breakouts.

Moreover, salt causes great harm to your cardiovascular circulatory system. It also causes blood pressure and water retention.

So, just take a quick look at the list of foods that contain high salt:

•     Luncheon meats

•     Canned goods

•     Hot dogs

•     Cheese

•     Ham

•     Bacon

•     Seasoning mix

•     Canned sauces

•     Junk foods

2. Artificial Sweeteners

Another kind of food you must avoid is artificial sweeteners.

 They contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation on your skin.

Thus, it leads to acne breakout.

So, cut off artificial sweeteners and stick to your table sugar - it may be organic or brown sugar.

3. Fatty foods

Consuming many fatty foods will increase the production of sebum, which secretes a lot of fats into the human body.

This will cause acne due to the increase of oil glands and fat deposits in the skin pores.

To prevent such, you must stop eating fatty foods.

You should only consume foods rich in healthy fats or HDL (high-density lipoprotein).

HDL helps reduce unhealthy cholesterol and LDL (low-density lipoprotein).

 Below are examples of HDL:

  • Fish such as mackerel, salmon, tuna,  sardines, and other fish rich in omega 3.
  • High-fiber foods.
  • Oatmeal.

4. Caffeine

 Do you know Caffeine is a great stimulant? And as a stimulant, it disrupts your sleeping pattern.

Anytime your sleep is disrupted, then stress is produced. 

And once the strain is found in our body, our body reacts and changes the level of our hormones.

Once the level of your hormone is increased, it can cause damage to your skin.

 Below are examples of caffeinated foods you must avoid:

  • Cola
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Even chocolates

 In conclusion, to have good skin, you must be conscious about what you consume and always remember that you are what you eat.

To achieve the perfect skin you desire, use any perfect glowing skin-anti aging product.

Choose skincare that differs from other wrinkle-reducing products as it must contain firming ingredients: a mix of skin moisturizing vitamins and agents.

Once applied, it must stay flexible and smooth and not flake or break. It must gently smoothen out the skin's surface and pulls the skin tighter.


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