Keto Diet and How to Choose The Best One

Keto Diet and How to Choose The Best One

The keto diet has recently become a new and popular diet for weight reduction and increase in energy, performance, focus, and sleep. 

The Keto diet offers a good number of options suited to different goals, sensitivities, and lifestyles. You can choose the one that is good for you.

You're adding fat to your diet to make up about 75% of your daily calories and reducing carbs to under 24grams of net carbs.

Fortunately, many options can help you transform the keto diet to your taste.

By selecting the kind of keto diet that's good for you, you can make some changes to get less restrictive results while taking advantage of Keto's importance.

There are 4 types of Keto. Your choice depends on your goals and the kinds of food you want to consume to reduce your weight.

If you are new to Keto or looking for tips on using Keto for your weight reduction, this article is right for you.

1. Standard

The best and simple way to fat reduction is by going for the keto diet's standard types. There's nothing bad with deciding to go simple and classic.

It's good to keep it easy and less cumbersome with the standard type that the normal average keto consumer follows, mostly when a study has backed up its good results regarding weight loss and blood sugar stabilization.

The standard version allows you to keep fat consumption as high as 80 percent of calories derived from fat and food low in carbs at about 24 grams.

So, let's begin!

There are 4 main variations of the ketogenic diet, all backed by studies or research for arriving at a good result like an increase in energy, weight loss, muscle building, and excellent workout performance.

  1. Standard
  2. High-protein
  3. Cyclical
  4. Targeted

There are a few other keto diet Variations, such as:

  • Clean Keto
  • Lazy/dirty Keto
  • Very low-carb Keto
  • MCT oil keto
  • Well-formulated Keto
  • Calorie-restricted Keto
  • Eco keto
  • Vegan Keto

 Let's discuss more on each of these types of Keto and how it can impact our lifestyle.

Below are the foods keto standard type offers you. They are keto basics to help you get started. You derive your fat from these sources:

  • Grass-fed butter
  • Meat
  • Avocado
  • Fatty fish
  • Nuts
  • And seeds

You must avoid taking sugar, high–carb foods, legumes, beans, junk, and whole grains.

The main advantage of Standard Keto is weight loss, good sleep, more energy, and general body well-being.

2. High Protein

If you are thinking about reducing fat on the keto diet and undertaking muscle building, you will need this type if you are lifting 4-6/week.

The high-protein keto-type involves taking more protein. This works well after a body training session to assist in repairing your damaged muscle and increasing strength.

Instead of having protein for twenty percent or more calories, it will be higher at thirty percent, with the other sixty-five percent for carbs and fat.

According to the study, this little increase can work for your body's training and muscles.

A better way to achieve this is by adding two to three oz. of a piece of food rich in protein like chicken, fish, or steak to your food.

So, instead of eating a three oz piece of chicken, you might have five oz. at the meal.

In terms of what you get to eat, you'd eat the same foods as you would on standard Keto-type, just larger servings of protein, with protein spread throughout the day in meals and snacks to help produce more muscle.

The Benefit of making use of the High-Protein Keto is that it enables you to shed weight and increase body energy for a more excellent performance.


You must check your protein quantity intake because too much of everything is bad.

3. Cyclical

Cyclical Keto is another version of Keto available for achieving similar weight loss results using the carb method instead of protein.

This method involves consuming more carbs during training periods or using your net-carbs allowance during the workout so that you might finish them after and before to power your activity.

To achieve this:

Add more carbs of about 10 grams before and after the workout to give more energy and enhance muscle repair. This will help you achieve twenty grams of carbs every day.

Using this method means you must add crackers or a protein bar with some nut butter during post-workout or pre-workout. Add more snacks containing carbs to your diet each day.

Form a habit of consuming a protein bar before or after a workout. The bar might contain 100 healthy calories, with about 11-15 grams of protein for building muscle.

The disadvantage of this version is that you are consuming more carbs, so you must learn to split these carbs to avoid weight gain.

4. Targeted

Targeted Keto, also known as Well-Formulated Keto, is similar to a cyclical type of Keto.

You should target some carbs when you are breaking a sweat.

Targeting carb consumption at a specific period to best utilize them for fuel and not store them as fat or increase blood sugar.

What makes targeted Keto different from cyclical Keto is that it is targeted around the workout, making the whole process less cumbersome.

Targeted keto-type uses your carb stored when the energy source is most needed; you need carbs to supply power if you like to take some junk or be involved in high-intensity training.

Food types for this keto version are similar to the standard keto types.

But the carbs must be taken according to workouts. It's essential you also add to your carb budget.

Eating your carbs for at least thirty minutes or more before your daily workout is advisable to gain energy.

The main side effect of using this method is that you will be consuming more carbs quickly.

In conclusion

We have discussed Keto types and how you can choose the right one, choose the one that is convenient for you, and now prepare a keto diet using any available keto book.

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