Medical Expert Reviews Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar On Excess Fat Burning

Medical Expert Reviews Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar On Excess Fat Burning

Medical Expert Reviews Effect of Apple Cider Vinegar On Excess Fat Burning

Apple cider vinegar is one of many commonly used as a health tonic for burning excess fat and weight reduction.

Consuming the right proportion at the right time can be very useful in belly fat burning.

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used for salad dressings and seasonings and incorporated into dishes.

It can help assist in the weight loss journey and has been used for thousands of years.

Dr. Deborah Lee has shared her tips with on how to consume it and the best times of the day to drink the popular condiment.

Dr. Deborah Lee reviews: "In 2009, a Japanese randomized controlled trial reported positive results on the reduction of vinegar's dietary consumption on belly fat.

In this study, we used apple cider vinegar.

"We divided 155 obese participants with the issue of obesity into three groups - vinegar 15 ml every day (group 1), vinegar 30 ml every day (group 2), or no vinegar (group 3).

"By the 4th week, the BMI and Body Fat Ratio (BFR) reduction was seen to decrease in the first group drastically.

By the 12th week, the result was significant. Waist circumference, waist-hip ratio, and blood levels of triglycerides all started to decrease from week 8.

"Over this study period, we discovered participants who drank apple vinegar every day had noticeable weight reduction. 

"We also noticed subcutaneous and visceral fat reduction, intake of these calorie content meals, and level of exercise were found to be the same in the three groups; the authors felt the loss of weight was due to consumption of vinegar apple.

Reduction of excess visceral fat reduces risk factors for metabolic syndrome."

Belly fat, also known as Visceral fat, can be challenging to shed because of the large number of fat cells stored around the stomach; physical exercise may not remove these fats.

The medical expert continues: "They also discovered that although the weight loss achieved was only fair, every extra 1 kilogram of weight increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 1-1.5%. 

"A daily or regular consumption of 15 ml vinegar will cause a significant fat reduction and general health improvements. The weight loss largely depends on the quantity of vinegar consumed by the participant.

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