Making Cold Brew Coffee With A French Press

Making Cold Brew Coffee With A French Press

Cold Brew Coffee is a good way to make coffee that can be served cold and enjoyed in various ways that even coffee haters can’t deny the excellent taste.

Sure, when you make your hot brews, you may not want to add anything to it, but if you want something cold and sweet, why not make sure it has coffee, too? I know I can’t think of a reason not to add coffee.

If you have never made cold brew coffee in a French Press before, we suggest you continue reading to learn how to do so.

You can enjoy a nice cold cup of coffee brewed using one of the easiest methods.

Cold Brew Coffee is known as the process of steeping coffee grounds in water that is cold for an extended period of time.

This shouldn’t be confused with a normal iced coffee, usually brewed hot and poured over ice. However, cold brew coffee can sometimes be served as iced coffee.

There are some reasons to make cold brew coffee. Irrespective of your opinion of coffee and how you believe you should take it, you have to understand some of these reasons.

Let’s take a look at these reasons;

•   Cold Brew Coffee is great for mixing dairy products such as milk, cream, or ice cream.

•   It is a nice way to use older coffee that might taste stale if brewed hot.

•   Cold Brew Coffee is good when the temperatures are high in the summer.

•   It is the easiest way to make coffee, even if it takes a little longer.

So let’s get started by explaining how to make cold-brew coffee with a French Press.

The process is straightforward and, honestly, is easy compared to some hot brew methods.

 Get All You Need

Before you get started, you will need the following:

1.   Coffee Beans

2.   Coffee Grinder

3.   Filtered Water

4.   French Press

5.   Spoon

6.   Time

Measure Your Coffee

Now that you have all you need in place, the first to start measuring out your coffee.

For this method, you will need to use more coffee than you use for a hot brew. You can double the amount of coffee used when you brew hot coffee in your French press.

However, to be more specific with your coffee, go for a 7:1 water-coffee ratio.

You will need to identify the size of your particular French press In order for you to be completely accurate.

If the coffee brewed with this ratio is too weak, you can make it steep for longer instead of adding more coffee. If the mixture is too strong, cut down on your ratio.

You can test it out by slowly dropping it and reducing it continuously until you get your desired flavor.

Grind Your Coffee

Grind your coffee using a grinder. For cold brew coffee, a course ground is advisable.

If you wish, you can use a medium ground. Keep in mind that the finer the ground, the stronger the coffee becomes.

Add Your Coffee and Water

Add coffee to the bottom and pour in water like any other hot brew in your French Press. The water can either be cold or room temperature, but water, when filtered, is advisable.

Mix the Coffee and Water

After adding the coffee to the water, gently stir the mixture. You should ensure every ground is touching the water in order for it to be brewed properly, so stir the mixture slowly until all the coffee is mixed with the water.

Let It Steep

Cold Brew coffee takes a long time. Once you mix the coffee and water, you must set it aside and allow it steep for 12 hours.


With the screen firmly in place, carefully decant the cold brew into another vessel. Run the mixture through a rinsed coffee filter for a cleaner, sweeter coffee. This is necessary to remove the fine coffee particles that escaped the French press filter.

Enjoy Your Cold Coffee

Enjoy your cold-brew coffee. You can try adding cream, milk, cream, or some sweeteners to it for a sweet, cold drink that is great on a hot summer day.

To arrive at a good cold brewed coffee, you need to consider some things. Below are checklists of steps to take to improve the taste of your coffee.

1.   Water Quality

2.   Fresh Coffee

3.   Grind Size

4.   Steep Time

5.   Dosage

6.   Slow Pressing For a Cleaner Cup of Coffee

7.   Remove Grounds Before Pressing 

Water Quality

Always use clean and tasteless water for your coffee. If the water tastes on its own, your coffee will probably taste bad.

Look out for a good water source before you begin to brew your coffee.

Fresh Coffee

Use fresh coffee always. Coffee is a perishable item. As it stays longer in the store, it loses flavor. How much flavor loss depends on you.

The darker the coffee is roasted, the shorter the window of freshness it will become. So always use fresh coffee.

Grind Size

A press pot always uses a grinder that is coarse than drip coffee. The coffee will taste very bitter if the grind is too fine.

However, the coffee could taste weak if the grind is too coarse.

When it comes to the issue of grinding, there are only two choices for a coffee drinker, grind it yourself or have it ground by the seller.

It will be more perfect when it’s grinded by the seller than you do it yourself.

Steep Time

The steep time for your coffee is very important. The most common steep time recommended for French Press coffee is 4 minutes.

We have some coffee professionals, and the range they use varies between 3 and 6 minutes. The coffee tastes brighter and more flavorful when you use more time.


There is a recommended dosage for this process. The argument over coffee freshness, water quality, grind size, and brewing temperature are gone.

In addition, the steep time has a sliding window of about +/- 30 seconds.

The French Press coffee maker recommends that for each 4 oz. cup, put 1 tablespoon of coarse-ground coffee into the pot. It is advisable to stick with this for a start. 

Slow Pressing For a Cleaner Cup of Coffee

There will always be coffee sediment in a mug of French press coffee.

Start pressing down the french press plunger thirty seconds before the steep ends. Ensure you do this to get a cleaner cup of coffee than you desire

Remove Grounds Before Pressing

To get a cleaner cup, locate the top of the French Press and scrape the coffee grounds prior to pressing down.

After removing the grounds, continue to press the filter down. This requires little work, and using this method will enhance the flavor of the coffee.

 In conclusion, if you love cold coffee, then this is the way to enjoy it.

The process is making cold brew coffee with a good french Press is simple and can be done by anyone regardless of their brewing experience.

It is also a great way to expand your coffee tastes, and it allows you to make a perfect cold brew coffee to enjoy on even the hottest days of the year.


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