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5 Simple Tips To Stop Male Premature Ejaculation During Sex


The most common sexual dysfunction in men is premature ejaculation.

According to mayo Clinic, studies shows that about one in every three men suffer from premature ejaculation at one point or the other in their lives.

This result to lack of sexual enjoyment by both partner.. Women also have sexual problem too.

But you will be glad after reading this article to know that you can be cured from this problem.

Below are the few things you can do to prevent premature ejaculation. They are not difficult but it requires practice and determination.

1.    Perform Kegels

Performing kegels will help you a lot. It will not only tighten your lady’s down-there grip but make you last longer.

It will help you to gain some control over when you ejaculate.

They work by strengthening to pubococcygeus (this is often called the PC) muscle, which helps control ejaculation.

To perform Kegels, squeeze the same muscle you would use to stop peeing mid-stream; that’s your PC muscle. Clench this muscle for 10 seconds then release.

It is recommended to be performed at least three sets of 10 reps per day. This method requires constant practice and a real commitment, to see results, just like going to the gym!

2.    You Must Have More Sex

Men who are suffering from premature ejaculation (PE) need constant practice, constant sex will make you get perfect and make you know how to understand your body type.

You MUST learn to know when you are about to come which serve as a litmus test to help you control the flow.

3.    Consult Your Doctor About Medications

One of the best things to do is to consult your doctor. Your doctor will be the best person to tell you what medication to use if you decide to use any.

4.    Wear a Special Condoms

Some condoms are capable helping you to prevent quick ejaculation.

These are special condoms with thick skin and layers that can help reduce the pleasure which can lead to quick ejaculation.

5. Avoid Masturbation

You Should not Masturbate Before Your Date. Eat more fruits and maintain a good digestive health

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