5 Best Herbs for Boosting Women Sex Drive

5 Best Herbs for Boosting Women Sex Drive

When talking about boosting your sex drive, the issue may seem taboo to many, especially religious ones. 

Regardless of tribe and religion, a healthy sex life is imperative for improving overall well-being, building healthy relationships, and reducing stress.

Exercise and diet give the best solutions for improving and stimulating sexual desire, yet many herbal tools may also provide some support.

When you need some sexual boost, make use of these 9 herbs for help.

1. Muira Puama

It was discovered that women who use Muira puama develop a surge in libido, sexual enjoyment, desire, and great orgasms.

It positively affects pre- and post-menopausal sexual experiences and supports its overall benefits for female sexual and reproductive health.

2. Ashwaganda Root

Ashwagandha is known as the kama sutra; its regarded as a potent igniter of desire and passion.

 These herbs are popular with women because it has things to do with the way it stimulates libido and increases sexual satisfaction.

It may increase blood flow to the clitoris and other female sexual organs, creating intense sexual pleasure.

3. Maca root

Maca root has been the go-to herb for many women in the Andes for centuries.

Because of the Maca’s high iodine content supports a woman’s hormone balance, and its high level of zinc, an essential mineral for sex hormones, does more than fan the flames of sexual desire.

Studies show that women who took maca root enhanced sexual experiences.

4. Suma root

Suma root is sometimes called Brazilian ginseng; this powerful herb is popular with the native population in South America because it helps female hormonal balance and improves libido.

Science has proven that suma root improves the levels of estradiol-17beta, the primary estrogen hormone, during a woman’s reproductive period.

Women who make use of this herb report intense sexual experiences and greater satisfaction.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate was not just here as a mistake. Although not technically an herb, dark chocolate contains about 65% cocoa.

It helps increase dopamine levels in the human brain, which releases the brain pleasure chemical known as dopamine. It helps to relax and enhance the response to body stimulation.

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