5 Best Herbal Remedies For Skin

5 Best Herbal Remedies For Skin

We have many good herbal remedies for acne to give you nice skin. 

Nobody likes acne breakouts; this is why the quest to get rid of the skin problem is common nowadays.

Acne problem seems to have a way of showing up just when you don't expect it.

 The following acne herbal remedies listed below will help you control your acne once and for all without any side effects of drugs.

Do you hate to take drugs for your acne treatment? Or are you thinking about the adverse effects or simply for good health? The following herbal remedies can greatly help in your fight against acne.

Tea tree oil

this is an antiseptic that helps to get rid of bacteria causing acne. 

Tea tree oil is capable of causing a mild tingling effect on your body; this herb works to kill body germs.


Lavender is a great herb to use in curing acne. 

You can mix lavender oil with rosewater to have a potent acne remedy. Then, apply a small portion to the area where you have a problem. 

The major wonderful side effect of lavender is that it smells awesome!


This is another herbal remedy for acne that is very beneficial to the skin. 

It is typically used in the form of rose water applied topically. 

Rose water helps kill skin bacteria and prevent excess oiliness.

Golden seal

Golden seal can help to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation of the body's skin.

Green tea

Green tea has existed for many years as a natural acne herbal remedy. 

Green tea is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and thus will help remove or greatly improve your acne. 

It can be used internally daily in supplements or tea. 

Also, it can be used externally in herbal acne cream form directly on the affected areas.

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