5 Mistakes Couples Make And Why They Can't Climax During Sex

Mistakes Couples Make And Why They Can't Climax During Sex

Sex is one of the major ingredients most important to creating a long-lasting relationship for everyone.

A healthy and good relationship cannot be achieved without a good sex life, which most people lack.

Find out from this write-up the 7 common mistakes couple make in bed that affects their relationship. 

Refrain from making these mistakes that are so common to most couples.

Mistake 1:

When you are thinking you need to have sex on a scheduled time after reconnection

Like any other couple, you may want to start having sex after reconnecting with your partner by putting it on the calendar. 

The idea is that after a fancy dinner, candlelight, and wine, you'll come home and want to jump each other.

But surprisingly, what happens after a meal of rich food and a few glasses of good wine coupled with a late night out? "Most couples will want nothing more than to have a sleep.


Correcting this sends your kid out for some time; this will give the two of you time for each other.

Mistake 2:

Avoiding sex simply because you're not in the mood

You can still have good sex even if you are not in the mood. Avoiding sex when you are not in the mood is a mistake you must avoid.


Even if you are not in the mood, do it. You will later enjoy it and be happy you did it.

Mistake 3:

When you take the emotion of your partner for granted

Taking the emotions of your partner may put him or her off track. Can you remember the last time you spoke to your partner, other than to ask what's for dinner?

Thanks to hectic, over-scheduled days, most of the time we spend with our partners takes place when we're asleep.


Before bed, have 20- 30 minutes to talk and play with your partner. Share your emotions.

Mistake 4: when you are not talking about sex

Some couples are too shy to talk or discuss sex, which is a major problem for most couples who experience divorce early in their marriage.


Learn to talk freely with your partner about sex and how you feel. This will not make him think you are wayward.

Mistake 5: 

Lack of concentration

While in bed, some partners still lack the habit of forgetting their past sex life with their former partner, and this may affect your sex life.


You must try to forget your past relationship or sex life.

Why Some Couples Can't Climax During Sex

During sexual intercourse, achieving orgasm can feel like an uphill battle sometimes, but by using the appropriate diagnosis and proper treatment, you can start to climax more often.

Whether the issue is physical or psychological, below are some reasons and methods to get to the root of the problem so you can begin to orgasm more appropriately.

It is true that sex is fun, feels nice, and is a great way to be emotionally or physically and be more intimate with your partner. 

But with the absence of orgasm, it can be an experience that will not be satisfying for both partners at all.

Some women may have a problem achieving an orgasm and may never have really experienced one; likewise, men can have this same problem also, which shows a physical or emotional issue in the relationship.

The right diagnosis and treatment can help you know how to orgasm and have a more satisfying sexual relationship.

Below are the main reasons you may not be able to climax


Fear can keep both sexes from achieving orgasm; being afraid of letting go, afraid of going crazy, or anxiety in general can all prevent your sexual enjoyment,

Not Getting The Right Stimulation

You may not achieve orgasm if you are already used to achieving an orgasm with your hand or any part of your body, through masturbation, or the touch of someone.

Some other reasons that men and women may not be able to climax include the following:

  • Shyness or embarrassment about sex
  • A problem in the relationship
  • Lack of education about sex, orgasms, and what stimulation works best for you
  • An emotional or physical trauma, like abuse or rape
  • Real boredom in the bedroom
  • Health conditions that affect body nerves or hormone levels
  • The adverse effects of some medications, including some antidepressants

The most important and most effective thing to do to solve these issues is to consult your doctor to seek medical help. 

It's imperative to visit a healthcare provider who can assist you get to the root of these sexual problems.

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