See This Woman She thought she Had Kidney Stones—But She Was Actually in Labor

woman deliver after she thought she had kidney stone problem

Jaegers Stephanie thought she had kidney stones but later found out she was in labor. She didn't know it was a pregnancy.

She and her husband, Michael, went to the hospital because she was experiencing severe pains in her abdominal part, reports.

But when they arrived at the clinic, the doctor asked her if she was pregnant, and when she said no, the doctor began to prepare her for an X-ray.

But then they changed their minds. "'She's not getting any CAT scan; she will be getting an ultrasound,'" her husband remembers the doctor saying, your wife was 38 weeks pregnant and now in labor—and she was unaware. "I wish there were words to describe the level of feelings associated with my being told that I am having a baby in a few minutes," Michael said.

Um…can that be possible? Michael said on Facebook that it sounded too crazy, but his wife was diagnosed with pre-menopause (a.k.a. perimenopause).

This medical condition can cause an imbalance in the hormone, which also presents like normal pregnancy symptoms.

This period is referred to as the pre-menopause period, when you approach the end of any reproductive actions in the female body.

It's the natural transition to menopause.

This is a rare period for any woman to get pregnant.

"My wife still had her menstrual period up till the last day she delivered, "said her husband.

Shaun was also breech throughout the pregnancy period, which prevented him from moving around to indicate to his wife that he was in there, and his position made it to where she didn't 'show,'" wrote Michael. "The most shocking part is she continued to have her menstrual cycle, which the doctors in the hospital tell us is not a common situation."

.Baby Shaun now joins the couple's other three beautiful kids, who are all doing well.

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