7 Parts of Your Body That Might Be Useless

Parts of Your Body That Might Be Useless

Some parts of your body may only be useful some of the time. The truth is that, some parts may be very useful compared to others.

I have 7 body parts you might not even need every time.

 1. Your Milk Teeth

Milk teeth are the first set of human teeth you get when you are just growing up. All these teeth must be removed to allow for stronger and healthier eating habits.

More so, the size of our jaw will widen as we grow older, so a new set of teeth with a bigger size will fit in.

 2. Your Tailbone

Your tailbone consists of 5 vertebrae which are bound by flexible.

It is sometimes different from what we make use of all the time.

Even when sitting, we do feel the impact of its existence.

 3. Your Toes

Your feet are capable of transferring weight whenever you are running or walking.

We walk and run without noticing the existence of our feet.

The human feet are badass.

 4. Your Appendix

Your appendix is one of the body parts you might not use often.

That’s because after people have their appendix removed due to health conditions, there’s no obvious impact.

 5. Your Ear Muscles

Are you aware that you have ear muscles both intrinsic and extrinsic ear muscles? The intrinsic is within, while the irrelevant is outside.

 But you may not be likely to see them.

They are muscles that work based on how you often need them. They may only work if you decide not to.

 6. Your Chin

Your chin is another part of the body you may likely not make use of. Experts say the chin helps in the chewing process, but many have done it without their chin.

 7. Your Body Hair

Our body hair has no significant importance to you or your health. Medical; experts say human beings do not need body hair as it is known to be useless.

That is why many spend a lot of money to remove their body hair.

Hair in the public region could be disgusting, especially when not properly treated.

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