5 Major Reasons Why Your Eye Is Twitching

5 Major Reasons Why Your Eye Is Twitching

The eye is a very important and delicate part of the body which requires adequate and proper attention when needed. You may feel some twitching in your eye due to some reasons which may not be obvious or understood by you. Read below the 5 major reasons why your eye is twitching.

1. If You Are Stressed

The human body reacts to stress in so many ways, and an eye twitch is just one of them. This is a sign that something is getting too much in your body thereby causing negative feeling s and reactions.

2. You take too much caffeine.

The major cause of your eye twitch might be due to your coffee habit. Caffeine’s is capable of hiking up your heart rate and metabolism, and making your muscles alive which result in a jittery eye. This action can make your eye twitch.

3. When You Have An Allergy

When you have an allergy, it releases the substance histamine into your system, causing your body to react in so many different ways. An eye twitch is a common reaction, similar to itchiness and puffiness. You can make use of an oral histamine eye drop s a temporary relieve from this eye twitch.

4. Wrong Glasses Prescription

If you are using the wrong type of glass you may end up having eye twitching. The muscles of your eye may not be able to withstand the extra hard work exerted by the glass. So visit the doctor and get the correct pair of glass suitable for your eye.

5. Lack Of Enough Sleep

The human eyelids are one of the most sensitive and effective muscles in the body, lack of good sleep will make you tired making the body system not to be balance and this will result to twitching of the eye.

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